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Notes / References

1. Homepage of Elsbett Technologie Gmbh. Located at http://www.elsbett.de

2. The Blair House Agreement is an agreement between EU and USA on subsidies in agriculture. Of particular importance in this context is an agreed limit on the area for which farmers can receive subsidies for the production on oilseeds for non-food purposes.

3. Widmann, B. Production of vegetable oils in decentral plants and aspects of quality management - Investigation of plants in practice to optimise the process. University of Munich, Center of Agricultural Engineering. Presented at Biomass for Energy and Industry, 10th European Conference, 1998.

4. Quality Standard for Rapeseed Oil as a Fuel (RK-Qualitätsstandard). LTV-Arbeitskreis Dezentrale Pflanzenoelgewinnung,Weihenstephan.

5. Homepage of Nordvestjysk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi. Available in Danish at http://www.folkecenter.dk

6. Notat vedørende emissioner fra forbrændingsmotorer, plante olie sammenlignet med diesel. Paper on emissions of SVO by Niels Ansø, Nordvestjysk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi. 2000. Available in Danish at http://www.folkecenter.dk

7. Homepage of Die Vereinigten Werkstaetten für Pflanzenoeltechnologie contains a list of refuelling points in Germany. Available at: http://www.pflanzenoeltankstellen.de/ Another site with a similar list is available at http://www.rerorust.de

8. Note: Rape seed oil for transport 1: Energy balance and CO2-balance. Paper prepared by Jacob Bugge, Folkecenter for Renewable Energy. 2000. Available in English at http://www.folkecenter.dk/plant-oil/publications/energy_co2_balance.pdf

9. WGK (Wassergefaehrdungsklassen):The German Water hazard classes. Available at http://www.folkecenter.dk/plant-oil/WGK_ENG.htm


Peder Jensen, IPTS
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About the author

  • Dr. Peder Jensen works at the IPTS in the Transport and Mobility Group. His main research activities deal with novel technological and organizational transport solutions including novel transport fuels. Before coming to the IPTS he worked for two years on distance-based road pricing at the Technical University of Denmark, where he was Associate Professor in Transport Telematics.

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